Ethiopian Board of Management Appoints New CEO


The Board of Management of Ethiopian Airlines announced the appointment of Ato Tewolde G. Mariam as CEO – Designate of Ethiopian Airlines effective September 15, 2010. Ato Tewolde will succeed Ato Girma Wake as CEO effective January 01, 2011.

Ato Tewode has served Ethiopian for the last 25 years in different capacities in the Marketing Division at the head office and at different area offices including India, Saudi Arabia and the USA. He has also served the airline as Executive Officer of Marketing and Sales Division. Prior to his appointment as CEO Designate, he has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Ethiopian, successfully steering the operations of the airline during a period of an unprecedented and profitable growth.

In his letter the Chairman of the Board of Management, H.E Ato Seyoum Mesfin has also paid tribute to the extensive services of Ato Girma Wake pointing out that he has been serving Ethiopian Airlines as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since February, 2004 with the utmost dedication and commitment. Under his leadership, the performance of the management and the concerted effort of all employees, the airline has achieved significant growth in all measuring parameters for the last six and half years. Ato Girma successfully led the most ambitious growth periods in the company’s history, most notably with the implementation of Vision 2010, which saw Ethiopian ranked as the 16th most profitable airline in the world.

H.E Ato Seyoum added, “Today the airline has embarked upon a new direction by stretching its previous growth strategy. As a result Vision 2025, the fifteen years strategic road map for the growth of the airline, has been laid out and the airline is on the first year of its implementation.

The Board of Management has noted that when Ato Girma retires, it should appoint a successor capable of continuing implementing this strategic direction to make Ethiopian the foremost Aviation Group in Africa and to continue contributing to the socio-economic development of Ethiopia. Since Ato Girma has been serving Ethiopian for the last 37 years, the time has now come for his retirement,” he said, “and accordingly, Ato Tewolde Gebremariam has been appointed as the CEO – Designate of Ethiopian Airlines until December 31, 2010, after which period of time he will assume the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines.”

The Chairman called upon all employees to extend their full cooperation to Ato Tewolde to ensure the success of his new responsibility.

Ato Tewolde graduated from the Addis Ababa University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He has also earned a masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Open University, UK.

Ato Tewolde is married and father of three boys and one girl.

Source = Ethiopian Airlines
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