It’s official: South Africa is the world’s best adventurer destination

“I was not expecting this. It’s luxurious. It’s friendly. It’s safe. It’s awesome. I love this place. I just love it” Rachael Scobie, Australian adventurer.

SOUTH AFRICA is bracing itself for an influx of adventurer travelers since a tribe of young adrenalin junkies have declared it to be unsurpassed by any other destination on earth for its sheer variety of exhilarating adrenaline thrills.

The seven, each of a different nationality, have roundly declared their ten-days in South Africa to have been an experience that they will never, ever forget and an epic adventure that is unlike anything else offered anywhere in the world.

The seven came to South Africa to see if that country really is the best and most exciting adventurer destination in the world. Between them they have done everything from living with remote tribes in the Amazon to scaling Everest and kayaking the mighty Colorado River. They were unanimous: It’s impossible to beat South Africa’s just plain out there, blow your hair back, gee-whizz adventure travel activities.

They were in South Africa as winners of South African Tourism’s Adventurers Wanted campaign in partnership with the National Geographic Channel. The winners were chosen from thousands of entries from seven countries: Australia, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, USA and Germany.

They came to South Africa to do the highest bungee jump in the world; to whizz along zip lines on treetop canopy tours; to get nose to snout with Great White Sharks; to walk through pristine bush and get up close and personal with the Big Five; to go abseiling, mountaineering, hiking, cross country cycling, quad biking, reptile wrangling; to tame the mightiest white waters in inflatable kayaks; to sleep under the stars and dine on mountaintops; to hot air balloon; to spelunk and to surf. And that was only in the first few days!

They have each recorded their time in South Africa for the world to share on Their accounts make for wonderful reading. Says Australian Adventurer, Rachael Scobie: “I was not expecting this. It’s luxurious. It’s friendly. It’s safe. It’s awesome. I love this place. I just love it.”

UK adventurer, Ben Dowman says: “South Africa made us laugh, scream, stare open mouthed and jump for joy together so many times that I’ve given up counting. South Africa changed us.”

Ben Lewis from the USA says: “I already want to plan a return trip. I think a few of my friends may be interested in joining me. South Africa has really opened my eyes, from the combination of beauty and ruggedness to the culture and the friendliness of the people. It’s blown me away. And it’s shattered all my preconceptions.”

Bangu Masisi, General Manager South African Tourism Australasia: “We just love it that the adventurer tribe had a great time exploring South Africa. They all know now what we have been saying for years: South Africa is heaven for adrenalin-seeking junkies. There really is no better place on earth for people who roll up their sleeves, reach out and grab life and all its wondrous offerings. We love it that they had a good time. And we can’t wait to see them, and their friends, back again for more.”

To learn about the awesome Adventurers Wanted holiday and to take a look at the amazing photographs of everything the tribe of adventurers did in South Africa, go to
Source = South African Tourism
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