Arabian Famil Creates New Clients and a Tour Led By Personal Travel Manager


TravelManagers’ personal travel manager Michelle Thomas (front row, third from left) hosts a highly successful afternoon for clients and new clients to promote her personally escorted tour from Australia to Arabia.

After experiencing Egypt and Dubai on an exclusive TravelManagers’ famil supported by Bunnik Tours and Emirates, enterprising personal travel manager Michelle Thomas is taking her own escorted tour from Australia to Arabia.

“After the Bunnik Tour I knew I’d found the new destination my clients had been asking me for,” Thomas says. “I hosted a Saturday promotional afternoon shortly after returning with the aim of opening the tour up to new clients as well as my existing clients. It was a huge success with a booking received immediately following it.”

Thomas, who is a representative of TravelManagers for Norah Head, NSW, says she has plenty of experience personally escorting groups for overseas holidays, which she organises herself.  The Arabian famil, she says, was the absolutely best way to equip her to sell the trip to her clients.

“Firsthand knowledge is the best for me, whether that’s putting my feet in the sand on a far away beach, sailing on board a Felucca or enjoying an Arabian Dinner under the stars in the desert,” Thomas says. “Anyone coming to hear me talk about it will get a taste for how truly special this Egypt & Dubai tour will be.”

TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal says Thomas is typical of their personal travel managers. “Michelle is a hard working travel professional with plenty of initiative who knows how to capitalise on travel opportunities,” he says. “Bunnik Tours and Emirates invested in our exclusive TravelManagers famil for exactly this kind of return. They’re very happy.”

Thomas has travelled a lot in her career and says driving on Route 66, riding Elephants in Bali or sipping wine with a view of the Seine all goes to her memory bank.

“Once I’ve seen it, it’s so much easier to offer my clients the knowledge that I have experienced. Even destinations that I’ve travelled to before, if I have the opportunity to re-visit them that enables me to provide up to date information and firsthand experience to my clients,” Thomas says. 

“It’s a no-brainer that if you’re a supplier in the travel industry, you definitely want to get inside the heads and hearts of the personal travel managers because we’re the people who do the real selling to your customers.”




Source = TravelManagers Australia

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