Reho Travel head to Malawi and make a difference with ‘Rehope’


Karsten Horne and some of his team from Reho Travel recently returned from an incredible fact finding mission to Malawi where they spent a week working with the team on the ground that run Reho’s charity, Rehope which is a microfinance agency. According to Reho’s Managing Director Karsten Horne: “I learned very quickly that a small amount of direction can go a long way. Don’t assume that what is logical to us has even occurred to people in developing nations who are generally focused on surviving one day at a time. We may see a destructive pattern whereas they may see it as God’s will.”

As part of the visit the Reho team supported several community projects which included, rebuilding a veranda and painting a nursery school, and distributing over 100kg of children’s clothes, stationary and toys to several schools and orphanages. A shout out on Reho’s Facebook page resulted in a wave of generosity from clients and industry friends and Qantas kindly waved the baggage allowance and inadvertently supplied the painting clothing. Karsten gave geography lessons to the bemused children, which included drawings of kangaroos that looked remarkably like they were flying.  

Source = Reho Travel
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