Seven sweet tips to tick off your holiday booking checklist


Booking travel can be pretty straight forward, but all too often we wind up skipping important steps or spending a little more than we intend to. With 11 public holidays falling on a Friday, Sunday or Monday this year, there’s no better time to take advantage of the long weekends for a quick getaway or an extra-long vacation.

To help you prep for next travel adventure, ZUJI, the region’s leading online travel agent, has put together seven quick tips for you to consider when booking your next escape.

1.     Plan ahead and book early

The sweet spot when booking your holiday is 44 days before your departure, in order to get the best rates and hotel room choices. Interestingly, roughly 50% of people make their long weekend bookings four weeks prior to the date. However one week before a long weekend, 10% of Singapore-based travellers make last minute bookings. To get the best selection and often the best prices, plan your holiday within these advanced time brackets to allow yourself ample time to do a little

research on your holiday destination and the best deals

that suit your holiday needs.


Don’t forget to look out for public holidays on your calendar which can help stretch your vacation. With ten long weekends in Singapore this year there are plenty of holiday options. Stuck on where to start? Check out interesting content sites like ZUJI Passport for inspiration.


2.     Get the whole package

If you’re on a tight budget, keep a look out for travel packages. Airfare and accommodation bundles can sometimes save you quite a bit of moolah, so don’t rule that option out. For great travel deals, you can check out the newly launched ZUJI Exclusives, a website that provides travel deals that are exclusively sourced in the market. If you happen to find the same deal at a lower rate, ZUJI will even give your trip for FREE!


3.     Be flexible with your flights

Don’t be afraid to play around with alternative date options when you’re planning your trip. Travel booking sites often have the option for you to select “flexible dates” when you’re entering them in the search bar. By checking out the different date combinations you’ll often find a fare that’s a lot lower than your original dates. But if you haven’t got the luxury of being flexible, be realistic and adjust your travel price expectations. You can then rework your budget to make up for the added travel costs on cheaper on-ground accommodation or activities.

4.     Do your homework!

Basing your travel destination on fabulous looking photos or hotel descriptions is a trap that many typically fall into. So, how can you tell how recent those pictures are and how exaggerated a description is? Before making a hotel booking, always do a bit of research to get the most honest opinion and evaluation of the place. Sites such as TripAdvisor and travel blogs are a great place to start, and they provide dated content so you can ensure you’re reading current material. By reviewing these traveller reports and checking out photos from other holiday-makers, you’re guaranteed to make a more informed decision and have a better stay at your chosen hotel.


5.     Check! Check! Check!

Bookings can get a little confusing, especially when you’re travelling between different time zones. So be sure to do a triple check on your arrival date with the airline before booking your hotel stay so you don’t end up paying an extra night.


Another thing to take note of is your name. You may have written your name way too many times to remember, but entering the wrong name, such as a nick-name, into a booking can happen, and it’s actually a common mistake that can cause huge issues at airports or hotels. When booking international flights, always ensure that the name on the ticket matches the name on the passport. Take your time to read through the options, and always check to make that your information is accurate.


6.     Never forget travel insurance

Most people take travel insurance lightly and some even skip it, but getting travel insurance can often cover most mishaps when travelling. Make travel insurance an essential item you pack for your trips so that you’ve got yourself covered for your flight, accommodation, possessions, luggage and even health. Another thing to take note of is the extent of your insurance coverage, so take time to read the details to ensure you’re fully covered.


If you’re planning on going away multiple times in a year, look at getting an annual travel insurance policy. This will not only save you the hassle of multiple travel applications, but some extra cash as well.


7.     Sign up for newsletters

It may seem like spam in your inbox, but newsletters are a fantastic source for the latest travel deals. From seasonal promotions to flash sales, there’s no telling when you can snag a great deal. Newsletters also come along with great travel tips, ideas and inspirations. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on ZUJI now!

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