How To Survive On Only Hand Luggage

Hand Luggage

How to survive on only hand luggage

Baggage costs can be the bane of any traveller’s trip. While you may be able to secure a cheap flight with a low cost carrier your ticket will invariably only cover the cost of the seat. Before you head off on your next weekend getaway or quick family reunion follow our top tips to travel with hand luggage alone. Avoiding the checked baggage costs means you can spend a bit more on that nice bottle of wine while relaxing with family and friends. Speak with your personal travel manager to organise your next baggage free get away.

Think ahead – Do you really need to pack all of your toiletries? Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner can all be purchased at your destination. Having excess toiletries takes up valuable space in a very compact carry on bag.
Think back to your last trip – What items did you actually use? Did you really need that extra jacket or the spare pair of jeans? Focus on packing only the essentials and items that you are certain you will wear.

Choose the right bag – Choosing the right piece of hand luggage can make a huge difference in how much you can pack. A hard and inflexible bag won’t provide much budge when trying to cram in that extra pair of swimmers. A bag with square corners but soft and flexible sides will provide the best option. An alternative is to use a trusty duffel bag.

Roll with it – Folding clothing may be the best option for a quick business trip but trying to live on hand luggage alone requires a different approach. Rolling your clothes is far more compact and allows you to fit more items into the bag. Another method is to bundle your clothes around one solid item, like a small toiletries bag, and wrap each item of clothing around that bundle.

Wear the heavy stuff – If you are taking bulkier items with you on your trip make sure you wear them on the plane. By throwing on that winter coat you leave more space in your hand luggage for items you really need. This is also a great way to capitalise on the extra pockets on your jacket for additional items.

Source = TravelManagers Australia

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