Start small to be big

Start small to be big

Prakash Bang helpful tips number 7: an excerpt from his book “Your Enterprise Isn’t Dead. Yet.”


A few weeks ago I found myself unexpectedly hanging with a group of lads; I’m 40, they were mostly between 22 and 26. Pretty funny stuff. A couple at or post uni and skint.

I got a buzz from being the bloke who could afford to buy some random lads a beer they wanted but could not afford. In Brussels in in 1994 a random euro-stranger bought us some red wine when we could barely afford the bread. When I bought the lads a drink they just looked in awe. One even said

 “Wow man, I used to think 40 was like dead but you make it look not too bad.”

 It made me feel old….yet accomplished.  I’m not pretending for a moment to be “big” or have achieved everything… although in many respects could not be happier. But its nice to share.

 Here’s my top five on “making it” if you are just “starting out” on “whatever” it is.

  1. Nothing lasts for ever

 People come, people go, business’ rise and regularly fall. Everyone who is anyone at some stage delivered newspapers, swept up the chemist, cleaned up the firewood, babysat, cleaned the gutters. I did all of these . Your boss probably did also. But bosses are organic….

They won’t be here forever and someone needs to replace them. May as well be you. Start planning.

 Preparation prevents p!ss poor performance

I love planning, writing lists, observing the patterns, trends and what does and doesn’t evolve over time.

Sasha, my wife and I, wrote a list that we stuck to the back of our cupboard door when we moved into our house about 11 years ago. Freaky long term scary stuff. We didn’t achieve them all; some things changed beyond our control, some happened quicker than others and some were ultimately and sadly, impossible. Such is life.

But they gave us direction. The journey began. It continues.

  1. The power of compound interest

 There was once is clever bloke called Albert. Depending on what you believe he said

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

Credit card versus investing money in the bank. Dead easy. Think beyond cash.

It’s also knowledge, relationships, paying forward, helping others when they need help, investing in your customers, putting yourself out there. Think of it like connection points in a spider’s web – the more there are the more places for you to go and achieve. Go to courses, work harder, read.

Invest in your personal relationships today and they will under pin success like nothing else tomorrow. Not just colleague’s, but wives, husbands, kids.

  1. Stick to your guns

Tall poppy syndrome means failure is not accepted particularly well in Australia. Conversely, fail in America and someone congratulates you on being one step closer to success.

The greatest successes regularly come after the greatest failures, when you just possibly don’t think you could go one step further. There will be dark moments when you are the only one who can possibly see the light. Stupidity aside, these are golden moments.

Even if that light never eventuates, the direction and journey of heading towards it will take you leaps and bounds ahead.

  1. Focus

We OFTEN argued about adding more products to roomsXML….day trips, flights…insurance…actually, I often did. I’m glad I got it wrong. Aim to do something small bloody well. There is less ego but more success in big fish, smaller ponds. It’s not failure.

We are the best at hotels. Our competitors argue otherwise. Der. Check the facts, they don’t lie.

Don’t be distracted with too many ideas and nothing done.

  1. BONUS point

 (20% more for nothing!)

I have a new friend who is a very conservative financial adviser. We talk about gearing, borrowing, wealth facade, credit, housing busts, characteristics of success. He confirmed sustainable wealth comes from a sustainable home life. He agreed you could be successful and still want more, but what was the more?

Interestingly, “more” is often time with loved ones and less regret. There are very few males in their 60s who wish they spent less time with their children.

My mum once explained to me that success and wealth is really about options. That could be the option of a Mercedes or a BMW, but maybe could also be the option to finish early on Fridays you can take your kids out for dinner without the mobile phone.

I’m loving the hot date with my six-year-old daughter on Friday after she does dancing. It takes a little time out of my Friday , but it’s a lovely way to end the week.

In that context, I perceive myself as fortunate, hard-working, Luckey and successful.


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