Austria quintessentially Europe

Cover_Austria Collection (c) Austrian National Tourist Office

Austria quintessentially Europe

Geographically, politically, artistically and culinarily, many roads have led to Austria for centuries. The results speak for themselves. Imperial grandeur. Cutting-edge culture. Stunning natural beauty. Austria doesn’t just embody the great European traditions — it’s the essence of Europe itself.

Reason enough for the Austrian National Tourist Office to pay tribute to this heritage with its latest digital campaign Austria. Quintessentially Europe

While rolling out key elements of the campaign over the next months the first exciting initiative to be launched is a truly Austrian hotel portfolio.

Tourist offices, in their efforts to remain objective, often shy away from making specific product recommendations which give little guidance to prospective travellers. Not so with the Austrian National Tourist Office, which has invited a highly select group of hotels to be featured in the “Austria Collection,” a family of hand-selected properties inspired by true Austrian hospitality.

The collection features 23 outstanding hotels, located in the main cities of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck, and also in excellent countryside locations such as Dürnstein along the Danube, Seefeld in Tirol, the famous Arlberg region, and Schwarzenberg in the idyllic Bregenzerwald.

“Each hotel provides a guest experience that is authentically Austrian and destination specific”, says Astrid Mulholland-Licht, Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office for Australia, “it is not about one style or hotel type, but about a quality of service and ambience we are truly proud of”.

Among the collection are such gems as Vienna’s oldest hotel, a private suite at Schönbrunn palace, a luxury castle towering above Salzburg, a new design hot-spot in Innsbruck or a former alpine refuge for travellers turned five-star-hotel in the Arlberg region that was run by the world’s oldest charitable order.


Source = Austrian Tourist Office
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