HIV travel restrictions ‘inhumane’: Kenya Airways


Dr Naikuni: Freedom of movement is “one of the inalienable human rights” (Image: Nairobi County Newspaper)

Kenya Airways chief executive, Dr Titus Naikuni has signed on to the World Aids Day ‘CEO’ campaign to fight against “inhumane” laws that prevent people living with HIV/Aids from travelling freely.

Describing discrimination against health status as “retrogressive and oppressive”, Dr Naikuni said freedom of movement was one of life’s “inalienable human rights”.

“This is why we have added our voice to this campaign,” he said.

With 44 other bosses from global organisations already enlisted, the campaign turns the spotlight on countries whose laws restrict entry, stays and travel for people based on their HIV status. According to GBC Health, there are currently 45 countries with such travel restrictions still in place.

Earlier this year, delegates at the International AIDS Conference said travel restrictions imposed on people who were HIV-positive were the result of fear and should be rescinded immediately.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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