Small businesses obtain skills needed to engage buyers at INDABA 2015

Speed Marketing

Small businesses obtain skills needed to engage buyers at INDABA 2015

Hosted buyers can look forward to meeting a group of small business owners when they attend the INDABA Speed Marketing Sessions. This initiative is part of a strategic partnership between South African Tourism, Trade Tourism Enterprise (FTT) and Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP). The small business owners went through a special presentation skills workshop in order to empower them with exceptional presentation skills that will enable them to deliver exceptional presentations during Speed Marketing Sessions.

The speed marketing sessions held at INDABA are fast paced.  With an audience of 200 international hosted buyers, the sessions give business owners a 4 to 5 minute platform to sell their business to the buyers in an impactful, captivating and informative manner. The speed marketing sessions are popular with buyers always looking for differentiated offerings.

As part of the programme, delegates were taught and guided on various techniques they can implement to improve their presentation and make it more memorable.  This included voice pitch techniques, the importance of eye contact, body language and advice on how best to structure their five minute presentation.

Source = INDABA 2015
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