Switzerland introduces highest Whisky Trek in the world

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Switzerland introduces highest Whisky Trek in the world

Switzerland has introduced its very first Whisky Trek, which is also the highest in the world sitting at 2,502m above sea level.

Launched this summer, the Trek is based in the beautiful and historical canton of Appenzell, only 1.50 hours’ scenic train ride east of Zurich. Since launching, the tour has already attracted a healthy volume of interest from local and international whisky and nature enthusiasts for this summer.

Director of Switzerland Tourism, Mark Wettstein, says, while Switzerland is not traditionally known for whisky, the history of whisky production in Appenzell dates back half a century and its Säntis Malt Whisky has even won many international awards due to the special barrels in which they are produced.


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“The unique story of whisky and spirit production in Switzerland coupled with the unbeatable alpine scenery is quite the extraordinary experience for any visitor,” he says. “This Trek not only highlights a very well-preserved and traditional side of Switzerland which can be quite unexpected for many visitors, but also shows off the country’s rugged and untouched nature.”

Inimitable whiskies have been slumbering for months in exclusive barrels in the cellars of the 27 mountain inns surrounding the famous summits of the Hoher Kasten, Ebenalp, Kronberg and Säntis. These unique distillates from Appenzell open up new and unexpected taste sensations to hikers. Coupled with the pure mountain air of the Alpstein and its breath-taking panorama, this Trek presents an extraordinary experience to whisky lovers.

While the entire tour is recommended via a hike, most of the mountain inns are also reachable by cable car or car.

For bookings or more information on the Whisky Trek, visit www.saentismalt.com and for more information on Switzerland, visit www.myswitzerland.com.



Source = Switzerland Tourism

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