Tourism Thailand open platform developed by 11-Infotech System

Tourism Thailand open platform developed by 11-Infotech System


SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency), a public organization under ICT (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology); in cooperation with MOTS (Ministry of Tourism & Sports) and TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) are launching “Tourism Thailand Open Platform” developed by 11-Infotech System.

Tourism Thailand Open Platform consist of 3 projects as following:

Standard exchange for electronic transactions in tourism

The biggest challenge to any travel technology provider, Online Hotel provider and Online Hotel Agent is having accurate and updated hotel information. As there is NO standard being set out to how destinations or hotel names is being called – this leads to many miss search

For host2host integration, unique identification of hotel master data is one of the key information besides the platform technology. It is becoming complicated each day with rapid changes in the online world – now many are working with multi vendors/suppliers due to their high volume turnover and as such accurate Mapping of hotel profile is key

Destination Mapping country and city

Each hotel suppliers uses their own country and city code to do their mapping for their system. As there is NO standard code being created or use by respective suppliers as this is due to the lack of common rule and direction guideline.

This has made Destination Mapping for country and city code extremely difficult and inconsistent. For wholesaler distributor, this issue is even more complex as a hotel provider might “divide” a city into zone or sub district and have different name to the city or island.

Hotel Channel Manager – ThaiToTOP

The first and largest channel manager in Thailand

Gone are the days when hotels were able to manage their rates and availability manually.

As we all know Hotel Channel Managers have played a very important role within the hotel online trading space. Previously, hotels used to sell their products through fewer distribution channels. For doing so they needed to connect to each channel managed website to load the rates and availability, which was already a tedious and tiresome task and never a one time job. Over time, this cumbersome process became harder and in particular, as hotels now operate within a BAR system which better manages their yields. Today, instead of a handful of different channels, there are literally thousands of them.

So, how do hotels today manage their channels within this newly created competitive environment? With the challenge in mind, this is where our channel manager came from!

What is a channel Manager?

what is channel manager

developed by 11-Infotech System

A channel manager is a platform that allows for hotel rates and availability to be entered ONCE and to be shared and updated instantly at every point of sale. If a booking is made, either on the hotel’s own website or any third party sites, the inventory will be automatically updated to all channels. In other words, with the Hotel Channel Manager, hotels can centralize and manage the distribution channel from one place to update to all points of sale at the same time. By managing the process from one location all hotel inventory, rates and promotions will save time and reduce the work load of hotel staff and eliminate potential human errors. Thus, hotels can maximize their benefits with the assistance of channel manager.

Furthermore, channel manager allows for all categories and structures to be loaded such as dynamic pricing and inventory (rate parity or BAR rates), as well as static rates and inventory (Wholesales contract), for those wholesalers who already have a contract with a particular hotel.

Project: ThaiToTop

ThaiToTOP is the initiative of SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency) a public organization under the administrative supervision of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry; in collaboration with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and MOTS (Ministry of Tourism & Sports).

The Royal Thai government embraced the importance of online distribution and made the commitment to create ThaiToTOP, which is planned to be the first and largest channel manager in Thailand, specifically made for Thai hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfast and resorts to distribute to a wider market and at a very minimal cost. Additionally, Tourism Authority of Thailand will contribute to the project by promoting the platform to international buyers.

In a nutshell, the objective of this project is to:

  • Promote the country as a top tourist destination on a global scale
  • Increase SMEs competitiveness and revenue (by encouraging the introduction of new marketing channels)
  • Allow SMEs and Thai owners of small hotels or any other properties to compete on a more level playing field (in a situation where everyone has equal chance of succeeding)/ increasing their local and international visibility
  • Improve the overall industry performance.

How ThaiToTop works

All hotels (sellers) in Thailand are welcome to join the platform by registering their property at website. Once verified, then a user name and password will be sent to them. Following the registration process, hotels will be able to load their products such as inventories, rates and promotions to the platform.

The same goes for buyers: Global Wholesalers, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), overseas & local travel agencies are required to register at the website. Once the access has been granted they will have available to them a list of hotels to select from and start trading.

One of the important steps for both parties involved is ‘matching’, a process in which sellers choose buyers and buyers choose sellers. From the available list both parties will be able to see the properties they have an existing contract with.

Once the connection has been established, the basic of how the channel manager information flows is as follows:

For Sellers; this could be Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfast

They need to load their rates and availability, for which they have two options available:

A)    Their own Property Management System (PMS), rates and availability are being entered and maintained in their own PMS and then being pushed via XML connection to the channel manager platform.

B)    If they do not have a PMS system or they are unable to establish XML connectivity to channel manager platform, property owners can access to the Extranet module of channel manager and input the rates and availability directly.

Once they have done that, the rates and availability will be then be made available to buyers. For buyers, we refer to Global Wholesalers, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), overseas & local travel agencies.

For Buyers, with the state of art of the technology, there are 2 ways to obtain access to the hotel products:

A)    Rates and availability will be passing through the channel manager to the connected system, and connected system can store this information on and within their own platform.

B)    When the buyer makes a search, the request is sent to the channel manager which will respond with relevant rates and availability to the connected system.

In just a few words and following the quick steps this is what sellers and buyers need to do:

For SELLERS: Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouses, Bed & Breakfast

Promoting your property is easy, quick and at a minimal cost!

  • Register and Choose –  Select how you want to connect to ThaiToTOP (Via extranet or your Property Management System) – Approval within 48hrs and receive your login access.
  • Log in and record information  – Set up your property details (property name, room categories, facilities, child policy, cancellation policy, images, .. etc).
  • Enter rates and availability – Set up your property rates, promotions & availability (periods, extra bed, commissions, minimum stay, blackout dates, .. etc ).
  • Select and match – Select the worldwide channels that you would like to connect, distribute and sell your property to and connect to only those that have chosen you as well (matching). Note that you will need to contact the Agent or Buyer directly in order to have a direct commercial agreement with them.
  • Synchronize and monitor – Enjoy live updates of your rates and availability to multiple channels in just few clicks, and monitor your channels performance.

For BUYERS -Global Wholesalers, GDS, Overseas & Local Agencies

Register your company is easy, quick and reliable

  • Register – Approval within 48hrs and receive your login access details.
  • Log in and record information – Set up your company information (company name, .. etc).
  • Select and match – Select the Thai hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast and guesthouses that you would like to connect to and sell within your own platform. Connect to only those that have chosen you as well (matching). Note that you will need to contact them directly in order to have a direct commercial agreement with them.
  • Synchronize – Enjoy real time rates, promotions and allotment of all Thai Hotels thanks to our ready API.


What are the benefits of ThaiToTOP for hotels?

  • Sell through unlimited channels in one click
  • Massive time savings
  • Live update of rates and availability throughout multiple channels
  • Use their own PMS or our extranet to connect
  • Reach out to guests from all over the world
  • Control their inventory from one place (pooled inventory)
  • Monitor their channels performance (through advanced reporting)
  • A powerful tool to promote their hotel’s name, brand and services
  • Minimal-cost for global distribution
  • Load your contract rates and BAR rates (dynamic, rate parity)

Bottom line:

Hotels grow revenue and increase sales while decreasing the cost of guest acquisition

What are the benefits of ThaiToTOP for buyers?

  • Reinforce Thai hotels inventory with a wider range of choice
  • Ready API
  • Access dynamic and static rates
  • Easy to find & select hotels using a single platform in one go

Bottom line:

Buyers get an array of choices and both types of rates in one single platform

We would like to welcome all of you on board for this exciting initiative of SIPA!

Project :  Tourism Thailand Open Platform B2B 

THTourism is a Business to Business (B2B) booking Platform designed to provide a complete and user friendly online channel for travel services’ bookings. These services will be provided to any B2B clients ranging from small travel agents to reputable retail travel chain stores. One of the main objectives of this project is to strengthen the travel industry through direct product control by the suppliers themselves. Promoting products will be easy to both foreign and domestic travel agents with an assurance that operators and travelers will not be exploited.

In addition, the project will benefit both consumers and tour agents that are using the system. Travelers can check the pricing and services conveniently and bookings will be quick and easy. THTourism understand that travel agents may have issues in terms of service waiting or delay of response when conduct manual travel bookings. In this case, the B2B online system will ensure customers from different time zones and different countries can make travel bookings anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, in the event of Public Holidays or staff absences, it will not be an issue. With above mentioned, this is why THTourism has implemented this newly created platform; to help improve business expansion of Travel agents and Suppliers alike, as well as to make available a greater advanced technology not currently available to them.

Why THTourism?

  • Get best available rates through our direct contracts and close relationship with suppliers
  • Instant bookings, amendment and cancellation online
  • Automated generation of  e-vouchers and e-invoices
  • Monitor and control your account and transactions online
  • Make your travel bookings anytime and anywhere
  • Book multiple services at once
  • Choose from instantly updated rates and inventory
  • Assign your own markup for your distribution
  • Customize vouchers and invoices by adding your company name and logo
  • Effortlessly access rates and inventory through XML connection


  • Maximize your revenues and minimize the cost of buyers acquisition
  • No cost distribution of your products and services
  • Flexible input of your rates and inventory; either through XML connectivity from your own system or by using our extranet
  • Be in control of your products and monitor your bookings, e.g. acknowledgement and rejections through THTourism
  • Advanced reporting, e.g. summary of bookings created from THTourism system
  • Reach out to agents from all over the world

The Project
B2B THTourism is a project of SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency) in collaboration with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and MOTS (Ministry of Tourism & Sports). The main purpose of this project is to strengthen businesses within the tourism sector, promote and sell hotel rooms, airport and shuttle transfers, sightseeing tours, tour and golf packages through online channels in a transparent and cost effective manner.

This B2B or Business to Business organization has been setup to promote the tourism and hospitality industries within the Kingdom by helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to increase their revenue through a modern business model and advanced technology. The fully automated and user friendly booking system will certainly assist their business in terms of gaining competitive travel products and services internationally. On the wholesaler and supplier side, this B2B platform will allow suppliers to supply and sell their products and services through online extranet as well as via API (XML) connectivity, making the platform a one stop center for the buyer (travel agent) to purchase and book any travel service their clients may require. In addition, this project will be promoted to both domestic and overseas markets by attending various trade shows and exhibitions.

How it works

Wow it works

developed by 11-Infotech System

For B2B Agents

Booking has never been easier! To book via B2B Portal:

  • Register – sign up on and receive your login credentials upon approval.
  • Log in – use given credentials to log in to our system.
  • Search and make booking – Get access to thousands of products in Thailand and make real time search and instant confirmation booking on following products: Hotel, Transfer, Sightseeing, Tour Packages and Golf Packages.
  • Manage booking – Retrieve existing booking on system for view, amendment or cancelation purposes.

For XML Integration with THTourism:

  • Contact us – Contact THTourism for a commercial and system integration agreement
  • Get specifications – Integration Specifications will be provided upon approval from THTourism
  • Live the XML –  connection upon connection certified by THTourism
  • Book or cancel to THTourism via XML connection from your system


Source = SIPA - ICT - MOTS - TAT - 11-Infotech System

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