11-Infotech System awarded Singapore Cruise Centre contract

11-Infotech System awarded Singapore Cruise Centre contract

11-Infotech System awarded Singapore Cruise Centre contract

11-Infotech System awarded Singapore Cruise Centre contract

11-Infotech System a world leader in IT Solutions for the travel and tourism industry has recently been awarded the contract to develop a platform for Singapore Cruise Centre. As part of the overall offers, 11-Infotech Systems will make available access to distribution, products and services currently on offer from their existing eighty global clients.

Mr Chartchai Pothong, CEO of 11-Infotech System spoke with ETB Travel News exclusively the details of his company’s latest venture. 11-Infotech System is a world leader in IT development for the tourism industry he said, our software is user friendly and has been designed for tourism. Our key internal team members all have tourism backgrounds, myself included and this alone has allowed us to best understand what our clients require in order to deliver efficiencies to their businesses and to their clients Pothong said.

Singapore Cruise Centre Private Limited (SCCPL) manages and operates 3 ferry terminals and 1 award-winning international cruise terminal in Singapore. We bring operations capabilities with proven expertise, supported by intimate knowledge of the cruise and ferry business in Singapore conveyed Mr Tony Tan, General Manager.

Over the past 21 years, SCCPL has evolved from a terminal operator to a champion of cruise and ferry related tourism which is anchored upon our operational excellence. We are Asia’s first and only Singapore-based company with a proven track record in managing maritime passenger terminals, augmented by 21 international awards in 21 years of operations Tan said.

Tan went on to say that by working closely with 11-Infotech System it would enable them to create even better efficiencies, a broader product offering and an increased more efficient distribution platform. Other areas would include sightseeing, tours and hotels, Tan said.

Mr.Will Tan Vice Presiden IT for SCCPL said he was delighted to have the opportunity in working with 11-Infotech System, they are professional and highly astute, more so, they understand our business and what we expect to achieve Tan said. It was a lengthy and rigorous process to seek out the appropriate partner for our requirements and during the extensive selection process, we kept coming back to 11-Infotech System Tan said.

About 11-Infotech System

11-Infotech System Co., Ltd, is one of the leading travel software company who develops various Travel Online Software and Internet Applications for the various Industries within the market. 11-Infotech also provides Business Process Outsourcing services to customers in the Travel Industry worldwide, that specializes in XML API of hotel, transfer, sightseeing, packages and air tickets both buy and sell.


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