Thrillist lists Israel among top 15 countries to visit

Thrillist lists Israel among top 15 countries to visit

Thrillist lists Israel among top 15 countries to visit

Thrillist lists Israel among top 15 countries to visit

According to Thrillist, “No one in their 30s or 40s or 90s stops to wish, Gosh, if only I’d traveled less and put in longer hours at the office.” and with that they listed the top 15 countries that should be visited before turning 30.

Thrillist wrote the following about Israel:

Where to head first: Start in Jerusalem. There you can tour ancient sites and some of the world’s holiest destinations, then enjoy nightlife on Ben Yehuda St and top-notch falafel at the open-air Mahane Yehuda Market.

After visiting Jerusalem, be sure to hit up liberal party city Tel Aviv (also home to Israel’s only major international airport) for a taste of cosmopolitan Israeli life. Take a float in the Dead Sea for the pic you’ve seen everyone else post (smear yourself with spa-grade mud while you’re at it), then hit Eilat in the country’s southernmost tip, e.g., the Miami of Israel, where spring break is always on and drinking all day by a pool or on a boat is totally acceptable, if not constantly encouraged.

Within the top 15, the following countries were listed: Italy, Tanzania, India, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, France, Haiti, Peru, Netherlands, Vietnam, Belize, China, Kosovo.

With regards to partying, Tel Aviv is listed in the top 15 to party.

Thrillist writes: The Mediterranean lifestyle is synonymous with living slow and enjoying life to the fullest. In Tel Aviv the locals have taken this mantra to the next level. With perfect weather all year round, the parties here only really begin after midnight and don’t stop even if you are the only person dancing in the club; no one will turn the lights on and kick you out. Tel Aviv established itself as “a city that never sleeps” early on, with a world-class DJ scene known for giving birth to the trance kings Infected Mushroom and more recently to the EDM poster child, Borgore. For a city as small as Providence, RI, Tel Aviv parties big. This is where the largest Pride parade in the Middle East goes down, drawing over a quarter million people annually to celebrate life in this very LGBT-friendly city. On any night of the week you can start out at an American sports bar, stumble to a grungy dive, crash a bachelorette party, take shots of arak with some British tourists, hit a trendy underground rave, escalate the night at a drug-fueled afterparty, and by sunrise end up at a French party on the beach, with a falafel sandwich in hand (because that’s really all you need after dancing for six hours straight).

Source = Israel Ministry of Tourism
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