Osvaldo Borsani

Osvaldo Borsani

Osvaldo Borsani

A Modern Spirit between Artisan Culture and Contemporary Design

Edited by Giampiero Bosoni

Published by Skira Editore
Hardcover, 440 pages with 450 color and 340 black and white illustrations
Price: £ 85.00 / € 98.00 / $ 120.00 US / $ 155.00 CAN

This stunning new monograph presents the life and legacy of Italian architect and designer Osvaldo Borsani, whose creations, from craft workshop to industrial design, were a major influence on architecture and interiors in the 20th century.
Published in close collaboration with the designer’s collaborators and heirs, Osvaldo Borsani: A Modern Spirit Between Artisan Culture and Contemporary Design draws on Borsani’s complete archive of over 10,000 drawings, bearing witness to his research, invention and innovation.

The book offers an introductory section with scholarly texts, followed by historical sections analysing the designer’s work from the 1930s to the 1970s and detailing some of his most significant interior designs and furnishing models. It also provides a portfolio of some of the best designs from Borsani’s archive and concludes with a rich appendix of illustrations.

Source = Skira Editore
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