Why Australia is Attracting Record Tourism Arrivals

Tourism Australia newWhy Australia is Attracting Record Tourism Arrivals

Tourism Australia has just released its latest statistics for tourism for the year to the end of March 2018. For the inbound tourism industry the news is very positive. For the year ending March While the growth of tourism is pleasing in its own right, the figures demonstrate that Australia’s inbound tourism growth is tracking well ahead of the global average growth of about 6%. The growth in Australian inbound tourism has been largely driven by leisure and VFR tourism but all sectors of Australian tourism are beneficiaries.

Some important features of this growth are the strong growth from key source markets including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, the USA and Canada. It was notable to see very strong growth from Latin America which is a significant emerging source market for Australia. India and South Asia also continued to grow strongly. By contrast the growth of tourism numbers from Europe and the UK was relatively sluggish.

There are a number of factors which have spurred the impressive growth of tourism to Australia over the past year:

  1. Effective and well targeted marketing campaigns in key source markets. This includes themed campaigns such as coastal and aquatic tourism, Restaurant Australia and appeals to unique Australian experiences.
  2. The massive expansion of air routes servicing Australia, especially from China, coupled with a growing number of low cost carrier options which is driving growth from many Asia countries.
  3. Australia’s image as a stable and safe destination appeals to the strongest motivating factor in global tourism to find safe but exciting destinations.
  4. Australia is overwhelmingly regarded as a hospitable destination for many nationalities.
  5. A clear resolution of income tax as it applies to working holiday visitors has ended a year of uncertainty and has spurred a resurgece in the working holiday travel market.
  6. Tourism Australia has done an exemplary job of reaching out to prospective toursts via social media. Additionally the visiting journalist programs have ensured extensive intenational media coverage of destination Australia on all platforms.
  7. The extensive support to Tourism Australia and the state tourism boards by the tourism industry’s private sector partners have enhanced the spending power of destination Australia in prmoting Australia to the global marketplace.

The success of recent campaigns including the Crocodile Dundee promotion in the USA are indications that the good news of growth for Australia tourism is likely to be maintained throughout 2018.


Source = Dr David Beirman and Tourism Australia

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