Baby sea turtles released at Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali

Baby sea turtles released at Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

Baby sea turtles released at Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

Fifty baby turtles have been released into the sea by the Bali Sea Turtle Society supported by The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali.

The activity was led by I Gusti Ngurah Tresna, best known as Mr. Turtle, on the beach in front of Sands Restaurant at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali with the help of locals and tourists.

“We live on an island where beauty is provided by Mother Nature, we need to support conservation and ensure our children will be able to see what we can see now,” Mr Tresna said.

The hatchling release was accompanied by interesting turtle facts and information on how to help and conserve the endangered species.

“In our turtle conservation, the team relocates sea turtle eggs from the beach to a central hatchery to protect the eggs and improve hatching rates. The eggs take between 45-60 days to develop and hatch.”

General Manager of The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali Denny A. Ermansyah said the resort would be holding more of these activities to support conservation and the local community.

“It’s time to support conservation, one of the best ways of keeping our environment sustainable. We will hold this kind of activity more often, so we can support the local community and also thank them for their dedication,” Mr Ermansyah said.


Source = The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali
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