Top 25 things to do in Bolivia

Top 25 things to do in Bolivia

Top 25 things to do in Bolivia

Top 25 things to do in Bolivia

Did you know that Bolivia has some of the amazing sights, sounds and places to visit in all of South America? Forget about the top 5 or 10, I am going for the top 25 things to do in Bolivia.

From National Parks in the Amazon jungle like Madidi on the border with Peru to the Noel Kempff National Park, close to Brazil – Has an estimated 4000 species of flora and over 600 species of birds.

Lake Titicaca with its Sun and Moon Islands and nearby ruins of Tiwanaku that date back from 1600BC. There is a lovely town with a beach on the lake called Copacabana, bit clod for a swim at 3780mts.

For those clients with a big sense of adventure, what about a bike ride down the “road of death” to the tropical valley of Yungas. If it is too scary, then you must ride on the many (new) cable cars operating around La Paz. This is the world’s highest cable car ride that revolutionized the way locals travel between La Paz and neighbouring town El Alto.

In La Paz, there is ton a of things to do and see,, like the street witches market, alongside high rise buildings, you can play golf on the highest course in the world at 3318mts and eat at the best restaurant in the world such as Gustu (by Noma). Start an overland tour from Oruro where the best carnival of Bolivia is located and continue by train heading south to Uyuni. Jump off to see the unique Salar de Uyuni,, side trip to Potosi the city of silver Cero Rico, next stop of is the town of Tupiza, this is where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid shoot it out in the street, there is “tour” following there trail! (Legend story).

Then you can continue by train to the border town of Villazon, cross over into Argentina and head to Salta (start new tour)

Still in the mountains heading slightly east, visit the town of Tarija set in a beautiful valley where they grow grapes and produce their own wine … nice!

Across to Sucre (the constitutional capital), and a delightful colonial city, nearby town of Tarabuco has a Sunday market good fun. Into the low lands and down here find another world … One can explore the area known as the Jesuit Missions route. ! Close to the border of Brazil, visit the Bolivian Pantanal where flood plains are full of flora and fauna. You can do an Amazon cruise in Boliva along the Marmone river and of course, you can climb a mountain or two if you want some serious trekking- and some shorter Inca trail… this is the place for your next adventure holiday even a honeymoon! In Bolivia you learn to expect the unexpected volcanoes look down on lakes of blue, white, green and red and yes, it is worth a 30 day tour!

I believe that’s about 25 must dos and I have run out of room. Once a difficult country to travel around due to poor infrastructure but today a pleasure… once you get adjusted to the altitude, let’s not forget that.

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