Teds Travels – Sun Island, Bolivia deserves your time

Sun Island, Bolivia deserves your time

Sun Island, Bolivia deserves your time

Sun Island, Bolivia deserves your time

Last week, I told you about how many wonderful sights, sounds and experiences one can find in Bolivia and I got a bit excited about this destination that I Felt I needed to expand on quite few of the 25 things to do in Bolivia. Next couple of columns I will expand on some of the sights (I couldn’t help myself to write about it again. But this time I will be focusing in Sun Island and traveling to La Paz.)

The best way to travel on anyone of our holidays is “slowly”. Travelling around Bolivia can be extreme and exhausting because of altitude and distance. We can show you how to travel “slowly’ on a “soft adventure” holiday around Bolivia

Let’s start with Lake Titicaca that most travellers stay a night or 2 and continue to La Paz. We recommend that you extent your holiday so you get to experience Sun Island. There are 2 lovely places to stay in but my favourite is the Eco Lodge La Estancia because it is operated by the local community and it is built from local materials. Sun Island has a lot of history and culture, some great walks and one of the best views to the east: the Royal Andes mountain range … the perfect place to slow down.

Way back in time my 1924 Sam handbook said “is not only the highest, but one of the most beautiful bodies of navigable fresh water in the world” when talking about the lake and today I still agree. The “Sacred Lake of the Incas” has been always one of the most important life sources of the Andes. A most fantastic experience is to meet the local natives see and experience their culture unchanged over hundreds of years, close to Mother Nature, without challenging or hurting her.

According to the mythology, the Sun God Viracocha sent his son and daughter down to earth on Sun Island, Manco Kapac and Mama Ojllo, to found the Inca Empire and the capital Cuzco.

The 2 or 3 days we can recommend you stay on this mystical island can be as busy or as slow as you like…get to know the community and walk with them along the terraced farms. Visit nearby ruins of Chincana, plus the Fuente (Spring)Del Inca and other sites like Pilcocaina, two small museums where you can receive a shaman blessing. All nice walking tracks with great views of the blue waters surrounded by mountains. This is Sun Island at its best… Slow, and we can help your clients get the best experience of their time there.

Once again, I got carried away and I have run out of space. Stay tune for next week column about traveling to La Paz.

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