Meet MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Sandy Sirianni

MTA - QandA Feb 2019 - Sandy SirianiMeet MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Sandy Sirianni

Family background: Married with two wonderful children and a temperamental but lovable Doberman.

What did you do before you joined MTA? I worked for Flight Centre for about 15 years in both Melbourne and Cairns and also managed an office before I found my true home at MTA.

When and why did you join MTA? I joined MTA in 2008 after a short break from my previous employer.  I wasn’t aware that you could work from home and an old friend who was also an MTA consultant contacted me and asked me if I was interested in joining.  MTA was the perfect fit for me – it has truly been the best decision of my career.

What do you like most about working as an MTA Member? The freedom to fit work around my schedule, being able to work from home while looking after two young children was refreshing, being my own boss without the stress of meeting targets was truly a breath of fresh air and opened my eyes to what a career in travel could really be!

Do you have a specialised area in travel? Leisure, corporate and active holidays, particularly skiing.

What’s one of your biggest personal achievements? My children of course!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt since starting as a home-based travel agent? You need to be self-motivated,   persistence and goal setting are essential to get your business off to a good start, integrity and being true to my word.

What sets MTA apart from the rest? They honestly care, you are not just a number, you really are a valued member of a valued team, you can build your business at your pace, there are no demands, there are no targets and you have the freedom to really bloom and take your business where you want it to go.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it?  From one of the online motivational blogs I read: “Decide what you want, and then act as if it were impossible to fail”.  I read it every day.

Who do you admire and see as a role model in the industry? Sir Richard Branson, my secret crush.

What destinations are next on your travel bucket list? South America, Antarctica and Iceland.

What’s the most memorable travel experience you’ve had (good or bad)? In a canoe on the Zambezi River. Our guide suddenly gestured to us that we were canoeing over a pod of Hippo.  It was scary, confronting and exhilarating all the same time.  I never paddled so fast – while silently crying – in my life!

What three things do you always take with you when travelling? My phone, my PC and a clean pair of undies!

Which famous person would you most like to travel with and where to?  Sir Richard Branson on one of his Starships!

What do you find yourself doing on your weekends? Apart from catching up on cleaning, spending time with the kids and watching my son play basketball.

What direction do you see the industry heading in over the next five to ten years? I truly believe there is a resurgence towards travel agents, the glut of information on the internet is confusing people.  I also feel that clients are time poor and want someone to help them in case they run into problems.  I personally would not feel comfortable giving my credit card over the net for a booking if I didn’t know exactly who I was dealing with.

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