Explore Mexico with Stuba

Explore Mexico with Stuba

Mexico STUBA

Explore Mexico with Stuba

 As one of the most diverse and amazing places you could send your clients, Mexico has it all. 

Playa Del Carmen is a coastal resort centre along the Yucatan peninsula’s Riviera Maya coastline. The state is known for its spectacular picture postcard beaches and coral reefs teaming with fish and other life.

The history of Playa Del Carmen is interesting, initially starting out as a small fishing village, when officials came up with the idea for a ferry service to Cozumel, an island world famous for its scuba diving credentials.

Since then the playa del Carmen has undergone extraordinary development, with superb condo’s,  restaurants, resorts, and nightlife entertainment options.

For tourists, Quinta Avenida is the main destination. A walkway is located a block back from the beach, where bars, restaurants and boutiques keep the masses happy.

Known for its all-inclusive resorts located in the Playacar development, this is also where the golf courses are located. Fans of DJ’s and dance music will know it is home to the BPM festival.

Apart from the resort life, there is plenty to do apart from sit on the beach, eat and dash for happy hour.

Some of the most recommended things to do are:

1. Snorkeling & Diving; Its heaven for both scuba divers and snorkelers.  Mainly centered offshore around Cozumel. You cannot go wrong recommending this to clients.

2. Rio Secreto: An underground collection of rivers and caves, it is an absolute must for an visitors. Bright blue water appearing to be made of glass. The caves are full of stalactites and stalagmites. If your clients take a tour, they will learn about the connection with ancient Mayan culture.

3. Xpolor: An all inclusive entertainment park with zip lines, rafting amphibious vehicle rides, caves and cabins.Only a few km’s from Playa Del Carmen, and perfect way to entertain the kids away from the beach life. Food and drinks are included in the admission price.

4. Xel-Ha: A spectacular natural aquarium located on an inlet and natural lagoon, where more snorkeling is called for. You’ll be accompanied by turtles, schools opf fish and even dolphins. Visitors can package a trip to Xel-Ha that also takes in Mayan Ruins in Tulum. Located approx. 20 km from laya Del Carmen

There is so much more to do than can be listed here. With Playa Del Carmen becoming one of the worlds favourite resort town, book in your clients for the trip of a lifetime. They will not be disappointed. 




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