Kinosaki Onsen reveals best outdoor activities to try this summer

Geopark Sea Kayaking

Geopark Sea Kayaking

Kinosaki Onsen reveals best outdoor activities to try this summer

Cherry blossom season may well be over but that doesn’t mean that the land of the rising sun is losing any of its charm, especially not in Japan’s Best Hot Spring Town, Kinosaki Onsen, where summer comes with plenty of action, sun and outdoor fun.

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track exploration of Japan’s outdoors, the Kinosaki Onsen area will tick all your boxes.

According to Visit Kinosaki, the best outdoor activities to try this summer are:

Sea Kayaking on the crystal-clear waters of Takeno: Just a short train ride from Kinosaki Onsen, Takeno Beach has been ranked one of Japan’s best 100 beaches so it should come as no surprise that kayaking on its blue waters will offer you nothing but the most magnificent views. Takeno’s Geopark Sea Kayaking is a popular activity offered from spring to autumn. Explore San’in Coastal Geopark, a natural park that contains geological heritage with great scientific importance and value or, for the ultimate experience to remember, take the kayaks out in the evening and watch the sunset at sea. Visit Kinosaki currently offers two guided tour packages: Sea Kayaking Adventure and Mother Earth’s Sea Kayaking Adventure with BBQ Set.

Grass Skiing: The Kannabe Highlands are the perfect place to zoom down the grassy knoll on a pair of skis made specifically for grass skiing – a fun experience for both kids and adults.

Volcanic Rock Trekking: Hike along the old lava flow from the Kannabe Volcano, one of the youngest volcanoes in the Kansai region. Follow the flow along the Inaba River through the mountains while enjoying beautiful natural scenery and waterfalls formed by the hardened lava.

Paragliding over the Highlands: Get a bird’s-eye view to remember! There are a few paragliding schools in Kannabe where you can take half or full day lessons. For those wishing to fly a little higher, tandem flights are also available.

Exploring the Caves:  Genbudo Cave Park consists of five caves that were formed 1.6 million years ago when the lava from a volcanic explosion cooled forming spectacular columnar joints.

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Source = Visit Kinosaki
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