A blooming good wildflower season ahead



A blooming good wildflower season ahead

The 2019 wildflower season for Australia’s Coral Coast, in Western Australia, is expected to commence in earnest from mid-August, concluding in October.  Significant rainfall in June and July has pushed germination and flowering out, resulting in a late start to the season.

The region of Australia’s Coral Coast extends from Cervantes to Exmouth and east to Wildflower Country, and is well known for everlasting flower carpets, unique flowers such as the popular Wreath Leschenaultia, many varieties of orchids, and several native bush flowers. Wildflowers bloom throughout the region all year round, with the highest presence of blooms generally from July to October.

According to David O’Malley, Chief Executive of Australia’s Coral Coast, visitors to the region can expect to see a high diversity of wildflowers through some of Western Australia’s most breathtaking wildflower country.

“Early blooms of individual native flowers are out now with the first everlasting carpets expected to put on a show from mid-late August through September. We are predicting the 2019 season to be just as good as 2018, which was one of the best seasons in a decade.”

Best locations for viewing wildflowers include a number of hotspots such as Lesueur National Park through to Eneabba which includes Coalseam Conservation Park, Kalbarri National Park to Shark Bay, and the Carnarvon basin.  The heartland of wildflower country and the many inland towns of Coorrow and Mullewa are already reporting sightings of a variety of Orchids, Eremophilas, Wattles and Hakeas in flower, with plenty more species well on their way. The everlastings are beginning to appear and are generally more prolific east of Carnamah.

A bucket list item for flora lovers, the Wreath Leschenaultia, is expected to be on full display by September, reports Colby Elliot from Mullewa Visitor Centre, with early buds already evident.

The Coral Coast is home to three (3) of Australia’s fifteen (15) National Biodiversity Hotspots – Mount Lesueur-Eneabba, Geraldton to Shark Bay sand plains, and the Carnarvon Basin.  Blooms can be seen along the entire Coral Coast all year, in places such as Lesueur National Park, Cape Range National Park, and the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. The flowers are more seasonal in areas such as Coalseam Conservation Park, Western Australia’s top hotspot for everlasting flower carpets. Western Australia is home to 12,000 species of wildflowers, over 60% of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

About Australia’s Coral Coast

Australia’s Coral Coast is the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) responsible for branding and marketing the region of Coral Coast in Western Australia www.australiascoralcoast.com

For more information on Coral Coast’s wildflower season visit

Planning: https://www.australiascoralcoast.com/wildflowers

Reading: https://www.australiascoralcoast.com/blog/2019-Wildflower-Season-Started

Booking: https://www.broomekimberley.com.au/specials/western-australia/coral-coast-highway/

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