Enjoy the Myriad of Kenyan Cultures at the Annual Lake Turkana Festival 18-20 May 2012

  Samburu Women

From 18 to 20 May 2012, the annual Lake Turkana Festival will take place in Loiyangalani, Kenya for the fifth consecutive year.  The Festival will feature unique performances and demonstrations from 10 local communities who live in the Lake Turkana region.  This year’s event promises to be even more memorable celebrating and helping to preserve the colourful cultures of the El Molo, Samburu, Gabbra, Rendile, Watta, Dasannach, Pokot and the Turkana tribes.

For Kenyans as well as for visitors, the celebration of the customs and living conditions of the ten tribes, their spectacular traditional costumes, arts and crafts, dances and music is a unique and fascinating experience. The stunning geographical characteristics of the Lake Turkana region make a beautiful backdrop for the festivities.

Lake Turkana is a massive inland sea, the largest desert lake in the world. This single body of water is over 250 kilometres long, which is longer than the entire Kenyan coast. It is widely known as the Jade Sea because of the almost incandescent colour of its waters.

Loiyangalani is a small town located on the south-eastern coast of Lake Turkana.  The name means "a place of many trees" in the native Samburu tongue and is home to the El Molo, an almost extinct community, amongst other communities. It is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Northern Kenya, as the surrounding El Molo and Turkana villages, amongst others, offer unique cultural experiences.

The Lake is a source of life for some of Kenya’s most remote tribes. The Turkana live a semi-nomadic existence around the Lake, while the El Molo live a hunter-gatherer existence along the shores in villages of distinctive, rounded reed huts. Often referred to as “The Cradle of Mankind”, the Turkana region has one of the longest living histories on earth.  Fossil evidence unearthed a skull that is 2.5 million years old. The site lies at the heart of the Sibiloi National Park, a place of stark beauty and prehistoric petrified forests.


Source = Kenya Tourist Board
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