akyra Manor Chiang Mai hosts floral choreography exhibition

The Stroll by by Kritika Buabusya

The Stroll by by Kritika Buabusya

akyra Manor Chiang Mai hosts floral choreography exhibition

From 1st April until 30th September 2017, akyra Manor Chiang Mai will be the host venue for an insightful collection of paintings by Bangkok-born Kritika Buabusya.

A trained fashion and textiles designer-turned-artist, Kritika spent 10 years as a university lecturer in Thailand and has also lived in New Zealand and her gentle, honest depictions of traditional rural Thai life have attracted widespread critical acclaim.

Kritika’s paintings are an enquiry into costumes and settings that moves far beyond the seasonal trends and commercialism prevalent in the fashion world. She draws on her personal experiences in fashion illustration to transfer an aesthetic of non-verbal communication through the movement, facial expressions and gestures of her subjects.

“This exhibition is a figurative study and celebration of the sense of wonder that the Thai countryside and its village communities bring to Kritika and her husband on a daily basis,” explains Christophe Gestin, General Manager, akyra Manor Chiang Mai. “As such, it offers the perfect window for visitors to Chiang Mai, a city still surrounded by the same kind of honest, natural beauty that is depicted in the artworks.”

Floral Choreography” is an expression of the artist’s current lifestyle. A creative reflection of her daily experience, where nature continually unfolds and renews herself, and people still notice and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

The collection offers a stand-alone attraction for guests and visitors to the hotel, with more than 15 paintings on display throughout the property and a booklet available containing explanations by the artist herself.

“akyra Manor Chiang Mai aims to inspire and with art in our heart we are delighted to be able to share the vision of talented Thai artists like Kritika Buabusya with visitors form around the world,” added Mr.Gestin.

For more information visit: www.theakyra.com/chiang-mai or email: rsvn.akmc@theakyra.com


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