Tartan Weddings, Scottish destination weddings service

Tartan Weddings

Tartan Weddings, Scottish destination weddings service

Tartan Weddings, Scottish destination weddings service

Tartan Weddings, a Scottish destination wedding company offering couples unique packages, weaves tradition and romance into an age-old custom

Tartan Weddings, a new Scottish destination wedding company, has launched. Tartan Weddings offer couples tailored packages, weaving tradition into romance to create an exceptional take on a custom that will never go out of style!

After planning her own wedding in Scotland, Lisa Bauer was inspired to start Tartan Weddings. The new destination wedding company gives couples access to the most sought-after castles across the Scottish countryside while intertwining Scottish values and tradition. Tartan Weddings is a full-service bridal and event company offering one-of-kind takes on destination weddings and other landmark occasions.

Lisa’s ties to her native country ensures a deeply personal approach as she guides her clients through all aspects of the wedding planning process. She brings her knowledge of Scottish wedding customs and traditions to the company; offering the bride and groom a truly authentic experience.

“I wanted to give couples the same unique experience that I had on my wedding day,” says Tartan Weddings Founder Lisa Bauer. “Tartan Weddings allows couples to create their own tailored fantasy, keeping the tradition alive by tying the knot in a picturesque setting they will cherish forever.”

Tartan Weddings offers tailored packages for couples based on their individual needs and is also an excellent resource for a special birthday celebration, family reunion or other landmark occasions. For more information please visit TartanWeddings.com

About Tartan Weddings

Tartan Weddings is a premier destination wedding planning service that designs unique wedding experiences in historic castles of Scotland. Founded in 2018, Tartan Weddings was born out of a love for Scottish castles, traditions, and the incomparable beauty of the Scottish countryside. A native of Scotland, Founder Lisa Bauer decided to combine her event planning skills with knowledge of her home country to help guide couples to create the wedding of their dreams. Tartan Weddings strives to preserve Scottish wedding traditions such as Quaich, handfasting, bagpipes, kilts, and many more. Tartan Weddings handles every aspect of a destination wedding from dealing with suppliers, guest lists, passports, travel, officiants, music, decor and more.

Please visit TartanWeddings.com for more information.

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