Symposium on the Diversity of Tourism Training and Education

Rick Myatt Director AFTA Education and Training

Rick Myatt Australian Travel Careers Council

Symposium on the Diversity of Tourism Training and Education

The tourism and hospitality industry is highly competitive. The distinction between a successful company and a less successful company hinges on the quality and expertise of its management and staff. For all the technology which has become an integral part of tourism and hospitality products and services, we remain a people industry.

Training and education plays a vital role to ensure that people planning a travel industry career and practising professionals can obtain the qualifcations and skills to effectively deliver customer service. The Australian Travel Careers Council is bringing many of these training and education providers together for a symposium to be be held at the NSW Parliament House on September 3-4, 2019.

Rick Myatt, Chairman of the ATCC, organises this symposium every two years. He advocates bringing travel educators and trainers from all sectors together. He believes in the importance of sharing the many appropaches travel trainers and educators use achieve their common goal of building professional skills. The speakers at the two day symposium include people who provide in-house training for their company, university lecturers, TAFE and private tourism and hospitality college trainers, and trainers who specialise in key sectors of tourism including cruising, hotels, travel agents, wholesalers, GDS operators and airlines.

Rick Myatt recognises that each training and education provider in the tourism and hospitality industry has something special to offer both prospective and active travel professionals. Many of their programs complement each other. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for trainers and educators to come together, share their expertise and explore collaboration. The success of past symposia in 2017 and 2015 has been the opportunity to bring people together from all sectors of tourism training and education and collaborate to enrich the skills of Australian tourism professionals.

The speakers list is a who’s who of travel industry training and education and is supported by the NSW Government’s Department of Industry. For details and registrations visit CLICK HERE

Source = Dr David Beirman Ph.D

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